About Us

King Star Freight Pvt Ltd was founded in 2013 with the objective of being able to address some of the challenges in the logistics Industry in India. Our Mission is to support Business Houses to find solutions to their logistics needs for import and exports to and from India.

We are freight forwarders and in essence, it is our passion to arrange Logistics and shipments. We majorly operate in the Chemicals space, having strong experience in handling shipments for Hazardous and Nonhazardous Chemicals in ISO Tanks, Flexibags and Dry Containers. We also handles shipments in the Agro Commodities and Industrial Goods sectors.



India – An ocean of opportunities in Shipping & Logistics

India offers immense opportunities for business growth in Shipping and Logistics.  India has a strong manufacturing sector which is fed by imports from world over and also supplies a wide range of goods to the world.  The vast coast line of India offers several major seaports for cargo flow and there are several initiatives to improve the waterways network as well.


What We Do

We are a dedicated team with a steady base of clients trading in diverse commodities. We serve our clients at all ports in the West Coast of India. We have an established set of Location associates who assist our customers for shipments from other ports of India and Inland locations.

Our expertise includes arrangement of customs clearance, transportation, sea freight and destination last mile logistics depending upon the demands of our customers. We specialize in Hazardous Cargo Shipments in ISO Tanks and Dry containers. Liquid bulk business is our area of expertise and we work closely with our Chemical Industry associates for shipments in ISO tanks for industrial chemicals. We work with our clients based on their requirements so as to be able to offer a focused association for all their logistics needs.

Business Philosophy

If there is one thing that we are more passionate about than Shipping, it is

The biggest investment that King Star Freight Pvt Ltd makes is the relationship that we develop with our customers. A relationship that translates itself to a commitment to our customer, to stand up to the trust reposed in us by our clients and a bond of reliability that binds us to our business partners.
Our clients are not just buyers of our services; we share a relationship that goes beyond the usual realms of duty.


It is our endeavor to take on challenging assignments. Dreaming and Achieving objectives that challenges our abilities as a team is embedded within us.

We set a growth path, transcend it and chart the course for the next higher goal. Hence, with each milestone, we refine our abilities to serve you better. And as such, living up to our tagline :

Transcending Horizons !


King Star Freight Pvt Ltd will be a leading provider of logistics solutions with a wide spectrum of logistics products especially related to Chemical Transportation in addition to other niche Logistics solutions from India.