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How to build a truly great organization ?

How to build a truly great organization ?


How to build a truly great organization ?

The way I see it – An Organization is a focused group of people setting out to offer a service to the customer.

I have put down some of my thoughts on the factors that I think builds a great organization.

1.      Committed and Loyal Team

There are many departments at work in organizations. They may be good individually but finally it is the culmination of the teams that provides an outstanding service to customers. The challenge is to be able to bring all individuals, all teams to work towards the single goal of Customer Delight.  Organizations need to focus on building teams – Committed to the customer and Loyal to the company. That’s the winning formula.

2.      Efficient I.T System

Offering a great service to the customer requires a great I.T system to ensure that the quality of the service is consistent and error free. Investment in I.T and upgradations are an important tool to develop a great organization.

3.      Employee Empowerment

A lot has been said about employee empowerment. All team mates must be given the space to make decisions that will benefit the customer. That said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Employees must be made aware of the impact of the decisions that they are taking on behalf of the company. Regular training must be imparted to the team so that they are better equipped to make empowered decisions to improve customer experience.

4.      Organization Culture

Organization can be made great place to work when the organization’s culture is built around sound value systems. Fair and ethical business practices, open communication channels, team spirit, respect for all, gender / religious neutrality are the basic foundations that must be inculcated into the Company Culture.

5.      Strong Finance team

The lifeline of every organization is prudent financial practices and systems. Accurate accounting, timely receipts and payments, statutory compliances are the cornerstones of every successful organization.

6.      Consultants and Experts

There are many facets of conducting the business which require inputs from experts. Employing consultants to take care of such matters is a pre requisite to build great companies. Consultants bring in new perspectives and domain knowledge.

7.      Training and Development

Continuous improvement is an integral part of life. Organizations committed to training and development of their teams will reap benefits in terms of better employee and customer retention, better Return on Investment and raising the bar of the industry in which they operate. Business must not be about making profits alone.